Today marks the start of BCBR 2018. In a few minutes I’m going to head up to Duncan to watch the first stage, and I am full of nervous excitement and anticipation. It’s been building all week.

This has had me reflecting on last years race quite a bit. Tackling that long held dream and excelling at it, exceeding my expectations, was a truly amazing event. I learned that I am capable of more than I give myself credit. To have my family share in that really added to how special that race was.

I think about the race often. I think back to the stages, the transportation, the awe that I was actually there, the camping life, the amazing and plentiful food, the trails, and the people. I have reminders of the race in my office and I see them every day. I have a BCBR sticker on my bike that I see every time I’m on my MTB. BCBR alumni instantly have a connection and something to talk about. Before I had done the race I had read that it was a life changing event and that regular riding isn’t the same after the race. I agree with this 100%. Riding was ‘different’ afterward, but I can’t really put a finger on what.

And now it starts again. I’m looking forward to seeing the start of the race from the spectator perspective. I plan to cheer racers on at the start, then grab my bike and find a spot on the trail to watch and cheer some more. I wish them all the best of luck, and a safe journey.

Inside I’m wishing I was on the start line with them. Some day I’ll race it again.