BCBR Day 4 Sechelt to Langdale

This was a good day. Starting in Sechelt I managed to get a decent amount of of breakfast into me then it was all about getting ready for battle. I got my bike ready, my gear ready, my bags stowed, then I made the wise decision to visit medical to get some second skin put on a hot spot on my toe.


Soon enough we were off. We started off with a long road descent before the first logging road. Then it was up and up for a while. We saw the sights of Sechelt (waste treatment plant and garbage dump) on our way to the first single track.

Not that you can tell from this picture, but I am pretty sure Curtis Robinson from the Coast Gravity Park passed us on our way up one of the roads.

IMG_0387 2

Then we entered the first trail. Glorious single track. So much fun. Sweeping back and forth through the trees, on a slight downhill grade. I think everyone had a huge grin on their face.

Exiting the trail, we hit another road, but this one was very manageable. Then more single track and more road. It is all a bit of a blur but the mixture was so perfect. I bypassed aid station 1 again but stopped at the second for some fruit and a top up of water. Then the final climb of the day before a massive descent to the ferry terminal.

The descent was amazing. So much flow and a couple small stunts along the way. I was starting to peter out so I slowed down a bit then my back started giving me grief again.

Suddenly we hit the pavement and it was a short dash to the finish line in the Langdale ferry terminal. Day 4 in the bag!



Another quick turnaround here. Get the bike cleaned and in the truck, get some food, get cleaned up as best we can, then wait for the ferry. The group was going to be split in half and I heard that the first group was getting in line for loading. I followed some people and managed to get in on that.



On the ferries the race pretty much takes over everything. The bathrooms, the food, the seats, and even the power outlets. I grabbed a seat and chatted with another racer for quite a while. When he decided to get some fresh air, I was suddenly hit with hunger. Dinner was a few hours away still, so I did what any seasoned ferry traveller would do: grab a burger and ice cream!


After the ferry we were bussed to North Van. There I grabbed a tent, got my bags in it, had a quick shower, then headed for dinner. And what a dinner! I’m going to do a post on the food, but I could smell the pulled pork from the door. Not just pulled pork though, beef brisket, coleslow, baked potatoes and more.


After dinner it was time to raise the legs and relax a while.


I’m doing this race but it still feels unreal and surreal. I’m constantly surrounded by hundreds of like minded cyclists yet as I look around bas camp tonight I can’t believe that this year of hard work has resulted in this experience. It really is blowing my mind.