Caulk Clean

The other bits of today included some more house work. In the master bedroom I hung three more wall decorations, then I got to tackle a project in the bathroom that has been necessary for the past few weeks.

The caulk around the tub was in dire need of replacing. It was cracked a peeling in a few places, and very mildewed in a few more. It was looking extremely gross.

Last weekend at Home Depot I got all the stuff I needed, except time for the project. Hard to buy time for projects really. This morning I scraped off as much of the old caulk as I could, then slapped on some Silicone B Gone to clean up the rest. After getting back from getting our pumpkins I cleaned off the remaining caulk and caulk stripper.

After dinner tonight I was able to get in there an apply the new caulk. Sounds like a simple thing to do, and watching others do it sure looks easy, but I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t know how much to put on, nor did I know how to properly apply it. A quick google search and I had a few tips to use (like fill the tub first), and a few to not follow due to lack of supplies (masking tape for clean edges).

I managed to make a bit of a mess, but I got the tub re-caulked. Not as cleanly as I would like since I used waaaaay too much caulk and had to take a lot off. It looks way better without the mildew and yellow caulk though. Now we just have to let it dry/set/cure.