Changed Chain

Yesterday I rode at Mt Tzouhalem for the first time in a few years. A lot has changed up there. It was always a fun place to ride, but there are some stellar trails now. Smile inducing trails with awesome berms, good jumps, lots of speed, and some excellent DH time. I can’t wait to go back.

Below is a map of the route.

The downside was that I broke my chain. Twice. The first time I had fixed it in record time, but I had routed it through the derailleur a little wrong (the chain was on the wrong side of a retention tab). After I fixed that, it didn’t look right, but I thought/hoped it would be enough to get me home. No such luck.

After it snapped again I had to go chainless back to the truck. I took a couple DH trails with no chain, which was pretty fun, but the setbacks meant I was late leaving which impacted Sox a bit.

Now to get my bike fixed.