Confused Pass

On Saturday we had a nice thanksgiving up in Nanaimo this year. We had a wonderfully cooked prime rib with all the fixings. Mmmm.  

On our trip back after dinner on Sunday afternoon, things were going well, when all of a sudden traffic started slowing down and moving to the left lane. There had been no signs for construction, and my immediate thought was perhaps there was an accident ahead. Sox was driving, so she stayed in the right lane, but slowed down.

I was very confused why everyone wash upping to the left lane as soon as they saw a slow down. We passed quite a few people, then one guy in a black pickup decided he was going to get into our lane too. I thought he was going to pass some people, but no, he actually wanted to block us from passing. Then the dip in the mini van did the same thing (sort of). These two drove like that for over a kilometer, for no reason. They simply didn’t want us to pass them. 

The traffic slowdown turned out to just be a slowdown from a merge to a single lane. Sox and I fumed about these morons behaving like children. If they had wanted to get around traffic, they should have pulled out and passed.

The single lane eventually returned to two lanes, and most of the traffic stayed in the left lane again. Weird. Not these though. No, they gunned it passing a bunch of people in the right lane. Precisely the thing they were blocking us from doing. 

Infuriatingly bad driving.