Confusing Cones

I get it. Construction zones can be confusing. Lanes can be closed, there are new signs, people are going slow. Still, there are limits to my patience.


Today I was driving up Johnson St, crossing Wharf. The construction for the new bridge has closed a sidewalk, so the crews coned off a pedestrian area, and moved the driving lanes over accordingly. At the stop light a lady and I proceeded when the light went green, and this lady, for some reason, drifted from her right lane, over into my lane on the left. I honked as she started to drift, but this did nothing for her. She didn’t hit the brakes or even look my way. I know she could hear my horn since I was on it for a long time, and her rear passenger door was right next to my food.


Fine, she is now in my lane with some cones dividing our left lane from the right lane. Once the cones ended, and the lanes went back to normal, she then drifted back to the right lane! WTF? I shook my head a few time. At the next light she glanced at me giving me a disapproving look. *sigh* some people should not be driving.