Customer Service Done Right

Different customer service at a local restaurant named Lure. We stopped last night to have a drink and when Sue lifted her glass off the table, the bottom of the glass fell out and the entire drink poured on the table and onto Sue’s lap. We grabbed the waitress who immediately got some napkins and we mopped up. She apologized and ordered another drink right away.

Within a couple minutes the manager came over and apologized profusely. He asked if we needed her clothes dry cleaned and if we were staying in the hotel. He also asked if we were planning on ordering. We declined the dry cleaning and remarked that we had only stopped in for a drink. Without hesitation he made it right and offered three rounds of drinks as an apology. A very nice gesture indeed.

After our drinks, and as we were packing up he came back, apologized again, hoped we would visit again some time, then wished us good evening.

Here was something that happened somewhat out of their control, and without hesitation or prompting by us, he made it right. I estimate that six drinks would have easily been $50. The garage door company fought me over $5 that they over charged me for.