Decorations Tonight

I headed in to work early this morning. My goal was to be able to leave early so I could get home at a decent time so we could do some more Christmas decorating.

This was the first year that either of our kids was old enough to help out with these things. I wanted to make sure we would have enough time for everything, so I got to work just after 7, meaning I was able to leave at 4.

As soon as I arrived home, Sprout greeted me at the door, and we got started. I brought the tree in, then spent the next 45 minutes getting it vertical and secured in the stand. We took a break for dinner, but I think Sprout was too excited to eat. He had two or three pieces of bread.

When everyone was done eating we tidied a little, then started unpacking the tree decorations and showed Sprout how to put them on the tree. He did a few, but was having difficulty. He was happy transporting the decorations from myself to mum and we would put them on the tree.

When it was all done, we were all proud of our tree. It is feeling a lot more Christmas-y now. Add on that the possibility of snow tonight, and I am really feeling the Christmas spirit.