Dessert Favorite

Last night Sox and I went out to see Wil play at the Upstairs Cabaret.

We arrived way, way, way too early, so we went and had a drink and dessert at Ferrisses. Yum!

We got to the club in time to see CR Avery perform. We could have arrived a lot later. His performance wasn’t our sort of thing. He is a beat boxing, spoken word artist. He even went off on the audience telling them to shut up and be quiet so he could get into it. In the end he said that that was part of the act, and it was his buddies that were making the noise as part of his show.

Still, we were really glad when Wil hit the stage. He put on an excellent show as always. He played some tracks from his new album, and many from older albums. He played my absolute favorite (Honey Pie), to round out his set. His encore was an absolute mind blowing song that I had never heard before, and was him going off on the guitar.

My only complaint about his music was that it seemed short.