Different Skills

Last night Sox and I had a night out. We had tickets for Cirque’s Dralion. So far, Sox and I have enjoyed the Cirque shows we had gone to. Each one has been completely different from the last. The topper was O, which we saw while in Vegas.

Well, O was the topper until last night. Dralion was amazing. As the show progressed, their abilities kept making me more and more astounded. My favorite was the tramploning where it looked like they were walking up the walls. Incredible.

They ended the show with jump rope. This was not any kind of jump rope though. They had 3 ropes on one person, they had 5 people in one rope. They even had a 3 person pyramid in a jump rope. Mind blowing.

One thing I liked is that they played up their skills more than any other show I’ve seen. Many times when a performer finished a stunt they would face the crowd and raise their arms, or wave at the crowd, or do something to show their enthusiasm.

The clowns they had played an important part, and were funnier than other shows. The guy they picked from the crowd (who turned out to be one of the cast) played the part wonderfully. One of the skits the clowns did was a definite mock of the regular performers. At the end of the show all the performers came out.

At the end of the show all the performers came out. The thing that stuck out was that the same group of performers were in all the skits. This was very different than other shows where the performers were very specialized for what they performed. This made the show more incredible.

I can’t wait for their next show here in town.