Donations ‘Stache

Today at work we had our end of Movember judging. I joined the team late, partly because they needed the help. They were sitting at around $670 for the whole team, so once my $625 was added in, the total was pretty respectable.

There were prizes for the judging, and what I didn’t know was that there was a prize for the most donations raised (which I won). The judging was kind of funny because the rules they came up with were that only employees that had donated could vote, and there were only two women who had donated.

The gents showed off their well coiffed moustaches and the judging commenced. Both women ranked everyone exactly the same, so the winners were pretty obvious. Again I was victorious with the ‘Stache of the Year award. In all it was a lot of fun, and the money went to a great cause.

My prizes.

I’m actually pretty excited about the brush and the soap and can’t wait to try them.