Election Bit

I just got back from the all candidates meeting for the upcoming Esquimalt Council election.

First thing that struck me as I took my seat was, wow do I feel young in the crowd. The average age was at least 25 years over my age. The second thing that struck me was how many people had come out for the event

I sat and listened to everything, but I must admit that I had thrown the bozo bit on two of the candidates before I had arrived. I flipped the same switch on two more very quickly.

There was definitely a lot of politicking going on, and some of the candidates comments sounded like they were designed to get them elected, rather than being truthful. One of the candidates was deeply rooted in the past and wasn’t going to change. The fourth of the bozos seemingly had no clue how the council works, or what their purpose was. This candidate wanted to put everything to referendum so that the people could have their say. My thoughts in response to this was 1) too costly and 2) we elect a council to represent us so we don’t all have to give our say for every decision.

At the end of the night I know of four people I will cast ballots for, and four people whom I hope don’t
get voted in, yet some of them will because the seats need to be filled. Yikes, I feel for the returning mayor, and for any of the current councillors up for re-election should they return.