Errand Puke

Today was supposed to be an errand day for me and Amy. It started off well enough, but on our way to our second appointment I noticed Amy was starting to fall asleep. We were on our way to Costco and were driving along the highway.

A couple moments later I heard a wet splashing sound and looked in the rear view mirror to see Amy puke a few more times. I pulled over and stopped but we were at the side of the off ramp with traffic whizzing by very close. This was no place to try and clean her up. Thankfully I knew Sox was close by at a coffee shop with a friend so I boogied over there.

There was puke from head to toes and beyond. There was also no change of clothes for Amy. Sox and I cleaned here up as best we could and dressed her in a jacket and a pair of Elliot’s pants.

Rather than spending time out in public with a sick daughter, I packed her into Elliot’s car seat and we headed home. She had a small snack then insisted on a nap. She was sleeping before 12:30. She seems happy enough and doesn’t have a temperature, so who knows what is going on there.

I then had the task of cleaning off her car seat. Ewwwww.