Exposure Assignment

The Photography Class last night was great. I learned lots of useful things. Let’s see, topics covered were: focusing techniques, shutter settings, aperture settings, and exposure meters.

Different cameras have different focusing techniques. The instructor explained some of the benefits and drawbacks to split image focusing, micro prism focusing, grid-matte focusing, and the straight up very familiar autofocus.

We learned how changing the shutter speed can affect the picture taken. Changing the aperture size affects the depth of field. The right combination of shutter speed, and aperture size determines how your vision of what the photo should look will actually turn out. Lots of experimentation is needed to get it right on a consistent basis. Exposure meters help you figure out the correct aperture and shutter settings. Like I said, lots of useful topics were covered. This is the kind of stuff I wanted to learn.

The assignment: Lines. That is the only description he gave us. Cool. I am excited by this, but I don’t know if I will really have a lot of time, or any time for that matter, to do this assignment.