Final Flight

Today was our final day in Ottawa. There were a few things we wanted to do. One thing I was hoping to do was go for lunch with a former co-worker. The timing never worked out, so instead today I was going to meet him for breakfast.

The first thing was that he was a fair drive outside of Ottawa. I got up early and started the drive. I had planned to use my phone to provide the navigating. Before I got on the busy highway I was going top pull over and start it up. Well, that didn’t work out since there was no place to pull over. Instead I thought I would just drive out towards Kanata, and follow the signs to the turn off. Once off the 417, then I could start the navigation. I saw no signs to Kanata.

Eventually I saw a dam that I had never seen before so I found a side road, pulled over and quickly discovered I had driven a long, long way too far. I should have called my friend right then, but I wasn’t exactly sure how far I had driven. Once I got going (again on the 417), I learned I was over 25km from where I should have turned off. Yikes. By the time I finally got to aother place to make a phone call I was running late. Very late. I saw an email from my friend that he had gone to work, so I called him.

He was still up for breakfast so I headed to his place. That was mistake number two. I was supposed to meet him at a cafe near his office. The night before I should have confirmed all the details like where I was going, and how to get there. Such a guy thing to do. I just thought I would figure it out along the way. I felt a little foolish after this. Once I realized what I had done I let my friend get on with his work day since I had eaten up enough of it already.

Back at the house I picked up Sue and the kids, and we headed to into Quebec to the Children’s Museum in Gatineau. The kids had a great play there, with lots of running aroud. Perfect for the flight home. After our museum trip, we headed back to the house and packed up. All too soon it was off to the airport.

I sat with the kids and managed to watch a bit of TV, while the kids watched a lot of TV. Dinner was eaten, drinks were consumed. Somewhere along the way Amy fell asleeep in her seat. Once we crossed the mountains into BC, we found turbulence. Holy smokes was it ever bouncy. I could see Sue wasn’t enjoying it, but Elliot sitting next to me kept yelling “wheeee! wheeee!”. Too funny. He also said it rather loudly since he still had earphones in listening to TV.

We are now here in Vancouver waiting for our next flight. Our wait was approximately 3 hours. Amy has fallen asleep on the seats, and Elliot is watching TV (it is helping to keep him quiet). Elliot is a bit loopy and silly right now. He is so tired, but will not admiot it. I’ve caught up on Twitter, and tried reading a bit of a magazine, but had to stop. I am too tired to concentrate on much right now. It is after all 1:30 am Ottawa time.

I am soo looking forward to my bed tonight.