Header Note

Last week at Ulti there was a double header. I was looking forward to it so much, that I hired a babysitter to be with the kids while I played (Sox was out of town). Gotta say that I don’t feel like I am playing that well these days. In the first game I certainly felt gross and wasn’t running all that well. Sure I had a couple decent plays, but it felt like every time I went to make a cut, someone else would cut into my lane. Whenever I would wait for a good time to cut, I would get yelled at for not running. Certainly makes for a crappy game when you feel awful, and feel like you are wasting space out on the field.

The second game was a little better. I was handling alright, my catches were good, but I still didn’t feel like I was doing much good.

I did have one great breakaway strike. I got away from my check and hauled ass for the end zone. The huck was put up for me, and unfortunately the disc started to hover over th

e end zone. I went up for it and so did my check. As I was about to grab it, he attempted to hit the disk, but got my hand instead, preventing me from catching it. As I landed I yelled foul way, way too loudly. I promptly apologized for being so loud, and he didn’t contest the fould

This weeks game was more of the same. I wasn’t handling as much as in the past (which is kind of nice) meaning I am running more. My cuts weren’t very good, and the one good cut I had, I totally flubbed the catch and dropped the disk. I suffered from too much watching things happen (ie a long bomb and I stop running only to see my check get away from me, and the disk get caught outside the end zone). I’m really trying to step up my game for this league, but I am really feeling outclassed by the rest of my team. At least I am getting a workout.

The bright side was that for most of the game I was play D pretty well. I held the force pretty strong, and manage a good interception that could have cost us a point. In the end we still lost the game, but we did score the last point to end on a high note.