Header Out

Ulti tonight was a little weird. We had a double header and with sox still being away I decided top hire a sitter for the kids.

At the fields I knew something was up when game time rolled around and we only had 5 healthy players. We picked up 1 woman, and had 1 more guy join us who couldn’t run due to injury. Great, no subs.

I played hard this game, and felt like ip made a good contribution. I was never called as a handler tonight which suited me fine. More running for me. The tone of the game was off too. The other team accused us of taking too long and asked us if we were going to take a timeout. There were a few calls on the field that got a little heated too.

In the end, with time running out, we were tied up. Universe point. We played hard, and managed to score. This then lead to a couple players getting into an argument about the game and some of the calls on the field. Ugh, crapy way to end the game. In the end we decided to forfeit the game giving the win to the other team.

The second game we agreed to only play to 5. We picked up one of their players and had a great exhibition game. I played harder in this game than in the first since I knew I didn’t have to leave anything in reserve, and I knew it was going to be a short game.

I laid out for one point. I’m still not sure if the disk was catchable, but I made a good bid, and a solid lay out. I actually slid too which helped me avoid any injury. I threw for a couple points which was good. One of them my teammate had just made a huge diving D block to cause a turnover. I saw him streaking to the far corner and put it out in front of him. It was a little too far though,which made him lay out for it. I even got a good interception at one point which is a good thing in any game. 

Nearing the end of the second game I sat off. My feet were done. Blisters on both big toes. I really need to by some new cleats soon.