Impossible Bulbs

When we moved in our dining room had no chandelier. We bought one, had it installed, and were much happier. Then a bulb burnt out. Then another. Now it is impossible to find any dimmable incandescent bulbs. We tossed in a non-dimmable CFL and told the kids not to touch the dimmer, hoping that this would be fine.

On the weekend I was at Home Depot, so I decided to see about fixing the light properly. Turned out that to get some dimmable CFL’s, I would need to replace the dimmer switch, since I couldn’t remember what kind I bought last time. The lady I was talking to told me about the LED bulbs that were on sale. $15 off a $29.95 bulb until the end of November. Dimmable CFL bulbs were selling for $12.95. $2 extra for the LED. I figured why not, let’s give these a shot.

When I had some time I shut off the power to the chandelier, disassembled the existing switch, and installed the new switch. Being a non-handy guy, this was a big step. Then I took out the CFL, and installed one of the LED bulbs to see what they look like. Not bad. I put in the other 2 bulbs, cleaned up, and that was that.

Last night I was working on the dining room table, and I had the though, that I really liked the light quality from the LED bulbs. They are bright enough, but the light is a pretty warm yellow, not a harsh white like many CFL bulbs.

I am not sure what I will do when some of the other CFL bulbs start going and the sale isn’t anymore.