Jumpship Boosts

Jumpship was today. Well, the Jumpship finals any way. What’s Jumpship? Jumpship was a barge covered in dirt jumps. The riders start on a 20 foot scaffold, drip in to a step down, then make their way across a set of dirt jumps to a quarter pipe, then back toward the start line across another dirt jump.

There were two days of practice leading up to today, but today was the only day I could make it down to watch. I had seen the barge getting prepped ahead of time, so I sort of knew what to expect. Still, the calibre of riders they had was excellent (Graham Agassiz, Tyler McCaul, Jarret Moore, Kurt Sorge, Mitch Chubey, Brandon Semenuk). Some of the tricks they threw down were amazing, and to be so close to the action was pretty cool.

Originally they were going to anchor the barge in the middle of the harbour, but instead they docked it at Ship’s point. This worked out better since the people were able to be closer to the action.

As a photographer it was difficult shooting conditions. The sky was overcast, so all the riders turned out dark. I switched to shooting in RAW mode, so I may try some faking out some HDR shots. We’ll see if I can make time for that. Any way, here are some of my favorite shots. You can see the rest of my shots here.

It was a very cool event, that I hope boosts riding in the area. I hope they can bring back the event next year, or something similar to it. It was a lot of fun and very inspiring to see these athletes perform.