Lego Destruction

On the weekend we were in Vancouver at Sox’s mum’s house. We were there to see some family off on their 8 month trip. Their son and ours always play well together and this weekend was no exception.

Something new for Elliot was the introduction of regular lego. For me it was a blast from the past. Gran had a large collection of lego that I think used to belong to one of Sox’s brothers.

I had a great time building things for the boys. I really had a great time. I forgot how much fun playing with lego was.

At one point I asked Elliot what he wanted me to build and he said monster truck. That then got changed to a monster tow truck. I obliged of course. I found some instructions from a set and based my truck on part of that. It turned out awesome. The boom raised, lowered, and swiveled. The doors opened. It had big wheels.

After showing it to the boys they were a little non-plussed. Elliot grabbed it right away and played with it, and soon they were taking parts off. Ahh, my hard work. I was a little disheartened to see the destruction. I guess I still need to grow up a little. šŸ™‚