Light Base

Friday night we went out to CFB Esquimalt to see their Christmas Light display. It was a bus tour of the base that provided a lot of information about the different parts of the facilities. CFB Esquimalt is a pretty old base with parts built in 1850.

The light displays were quite nice too. Entrance was by donation to the Mustard Seed foodbank, and there was a school fundraiser selling cookies and hot chocolate. One of the fact told us was that this light display raises approximately 51% of the funds needed each year by the Mustard Seed. Incredible.

I think Sprout liked the bus ride the most. The pretty lights were nice, but the bus trumped that. I enjoyed the warmth on the bus though. I was expecting it to be quite chilly, so I dressed appropriately. The heaters were working full force, so we were toasty warm.

We even got a glimpse at one of the submarines that Canada purchased from Britain. It is in for refit, but was covered in scaffolding and tarps.

The picture taking was hard since it had to be done through the windows of the bus. We went through a couple check points on the base and of course there was a guard that had a gun (rifle is the military term). Many people on the bus seemed shocked to see someone in camo holding a gun. Their reaction was a little strange to me since we were on a military base.