Lost Passes

Well, the Ulti season is done once again. The final game was a doozy too. We played hard, yet still lost.

I started off the game on a hot streak. I was throwing well, catching well, and getting free from my check well. I threw for points, I caught a point or two, and made some good defensive blocks too.

Then I started to run out of steam. Too hard too quick. I lost it for a few points and couldn’t catch my breath. I was overheating too. I doused my head and tried to get back in the game.

I started making mistakes and costing points. I got counted out once when I froze and couldn’t make the dump pass. I got foot blocked too, though I have to admit that it was a perfectly placed foot.

I regrouped and made a second effort to try and turn my game around. It started to work a little. I was sticking to my check fairly well, though I was giving him the short passes and cutting off the longer throws. On one point my check managed to catch the disc for a point, even though I had a finger on the disc and was tipping it away. Great catch by him.

For the final point, which was a very, very long one, the other team kept trying the long bomb, and we kept shutting it down. They managed to march the disc 2/3 of the way up the field, then one guy broke to the corner and the game was over. We lost and the season was done.

Now to think about playing intramurals again. My last experience wasn’t all that great, but if I was on a better team, maybe it would be different.