Monster Snacks

Saturday I took Elliot to Western Speedway. This was his first time being exposed to this, and I chose a good night for it. Hit to pass racing, and Monster Trucks!

We got there pretty early, got some good seats (I’m pretty sure they have expanded their family section – very cool), and settled in to wait. Elliot was giddy with excitement. They had one monster truck outfitted with seats to take people for rides on. Every time he saw it he pointed it out.

He also asked me every few minutes when the racing would start. The waiting was tough, but he pulled through it. With some snacks of course.

It was a gorgeous night though, so that made it a little nicer. Soon it was time to line up for the national anthems.

First up was the demo truck trophy dash. As the trucks started their warm up lap, suddenly a car burst onto the track. The announcer was pleading with the driver to get off the track and calling for security. Then the car sideswiped one of the trucks, so the truck spun the car around. They kept doing this all the way around the track until they got to the front straightaway. The driver parked it and somebody hauled him out of the car. The demo trucks got out of the way, then the monster trucks fired up! Yes, the car was part of the show. The monster trucks demolished the car in a very spectacular way.

The racing was fun, and Elliot and I really enjoyed the action. But the monster trucks really stole the show. California Kid and Rockstar put on quite a show. I was sad when California Kid blew out the right front shocks. His night was done. But, they got a backup truck pulled out of their trailer and put Bucked Up into action. Unfortunately Bucked Up also broke. Spectacularly.

Here is a clip of the monster truck action before California Kid broke.

After the racing was done for the night, the set up for the Crazy Canuck. His plan was to jump three school buses and a firetruck.

He actually made it! Crazy, amazing, fun. Elliot was pretty tired by the time we got home but he enjoyed it. Maybe next summer Amy can come with us too.