Opportunity Drop

Tonight was a tough Ulti game for me. I played through the cold I currently have, but I was pretty beat on some points. I tried to handle as much as I could for the night and that I did well. My hands were catching everything that came my way, and my throws were going (mostly) where I wanted them too. I felt like I was making smart plays too. I would bide my time, waiting for the right opportunity to strike. I was directing people, showing them where I was going to throw.

I managed to catch a few points, and throw for a few points too. The women on the team are very good about getting open in the end zone. One bad throw I made was to one of the women on the team. She was open in the end zone, and her check had no clue where the disc was, nor where her check was. I pointed to where I wanted her to go and sent the disc there. Unfortunately the check was also moving in that direction and the disc hit her right in the butt. Bad throw.

The other team battled hard. We were up 8-3 at one point, and near the end of the night it was 11-11. We scored the next point maing the score 12-11. We were pumped to score the last point. We marched the disc up the field with myself and V as handlers. Near the end zone we called a stack and everyone went there quickly. I broke out to the corner of the end zone as V sent the disc there. The cut was perfect and the throw was awesome. The disc was knee height, and I did the proper two handed catch. And yet somehow the disc popped out of my hands. I hadn’t dropped anything all night, and the one I drop was the game winner. Aaargh.

Of course the other team making the score 12-12. The universe point was called. We did our best, but failed. The other team capitalized on a small mistake and won the game. Bummer for us. I am still beating myself up over that one drop.