Passed More

My swim last night was pretty good. After the kids were in bed I walked down and quickly headed for the pool deck. Of course the slow lane was packed with really slow swimmers and the fast lane had two people in it that were pretty fast. What to do?

I started off in the fast lane and got passed pretty quickly. I then tried the slow lane, but caught up to the woman doing the backstroke very quickly. I settled on the fast lane and did my best to stay out of the way of the others. It meant I took a few more breathers than I would have liked, but it also meant I wasn’t trying to dodge people.

In total I swam 650 – 700m. I’m pretty happy with that. I just need to work on my speed and endurance a little more. For now I don’t think I will increase the total distance until I can easily do 350m or more without stopping. Right now I pretty much have to take a break every 200m.