Physio Knee

Today I went to a new physio. Over the winter I tried to get my road bike on the trainer, but it always left me with knee pain. Worse, the pain never went away.

It is in the back of my knee, and is not a constant pain, but I feel it every day. Mostly when I am sitting, or kneeling for a while, then get up.

The new physio spent some time talking to me to figure out what the issue is, and how it became an issue. In the end it may come down to my back. Back issues have caused my grief in the past, but this is new. My glutes are supposed to be doing the hard work of cycling, but the physio thinks something has happened in the past to make my ham strings to compensate. This then puts extra pressure on the back of the knee.

In some ways this was good news as I didn’t have a serious knee issue. This is fixable, and in a 6-8 week timeframe.

When I heard that I immediately though about the Tour de Victoria training. Yikes. Starting my training in June might not be enough if I want to get in good enough shape to finish in sub 5 hours. Maybe it is do-able. I’ll have to make sure it is.

First step in recovery is to loosen up the knee area with some stretching, and to bring down the inflammation with ice. There are some strengthening exercises to do as well.

Next week the fun begins though. Active release therapy, acupuncture, and more exercises. Thankfully he did recommend to do some riding, but to stay off the trainer. The riding I should do, needs to involve lots of saddle position changes, including standing and pedalling. Maybe that will help me in the long run 🙂