Processing Action

Finally got around to processing the pictures from the trip to Ottawa.

First up, here are some pics from the ice slides in Gatineau.

And some video of the slides in action. We went last year too, and they really are a blast. You just sit down on them and go (and hopefully you are wearing ski pants). The slide is so steep and slick that you can get going pretty fast.

The park near where we were staying had an excellent hill for sledding, and a great playground too. We spent a few hours in that park.

During one visit to the park, there was a winter festival. They had hot dogs, cupcakes, other treats, and horse drawn sleigh rides. What a great community event.

Sledding time! Amy even went a few times. She was funny though. She refused to go for a long time. When I finally got her to go down she was giggling and laughing the entire way, then wanted to go again.

The hill even had a jump built into it that Elliot loved going over:

Here are a few shots of our friends backyard near Montreal. More snow there than in Ottawa.

Watch out Flat Cat, a dog is coming to get you!