River Shoved

After staying out rather late at the concert on Friday night I was feeling pretty horrible Saturday. Saturday night I was supposed to play poker at Erin’s house. After a nice afternoon nap I was game to try and stay up late and play.

The game started off like any other game. I grabbed seat, and decided to try and play smart for the night. A couple hands in, and I was dealt a nice hand. I bet strong on it, and got one person to play with me. I had my Q high straight (I think it was) and was feeling pretty confident. We got down to the river and I bet large, and was called. I showed feeling confident in my hand. I had beaten him, but not with the hand I thought. I actually had a fairly high flush.

From that point I was up pretty high and started playing tight. I kept getting hands like A4, A5, K4.

I won a few more pots here and there, but nothing big.

I lost a big chunk to Erin in one hand when I called what I thought was a bluff. The non bluff took the wind out of my sails. I floundered for a bit, seething on the inside. It probably wasn’t a smart call and i paid for it. I had tried to count my outs and ensure I wasn’t being stupid, but in the end I was.

My final hand of the night I was dealing and found I had pocket 7’s. When my turn to bet came around, I bet into them and lots of players exited the hand. Erin stayed in to play. We saw the flop and it didn’t look scary. When Erin bet, I shoved all in. Erin thought for a while before calling. When he called, I said aloud that I was going to need some help, to which Erin replied maybe no. We both showed. My 7’s were up against Erin’s pocket 8’s. Nice. I didn’t hit, so I was out. I only used one buyin, and I was playing against better players than I, so i felt good about that.

I need to get more practice though before we head to Vegas. I might have to set up another game here in Victoria, and I might even start playing online.