Ruined Deodorant

Kodi laying in front of my moms fireplace

Today I had my morning ritual interrupted, ruined almost. I got up as always, started the coffee, ate breakfast, fed Yoshi, then went upstairs for a shower. Aprés shower I discovered that I had forgotten to buy more deodorant after emptying it yesterday :grr: I had to stop somewhere on the way to work and buy some.

I much prefer mornings where I can get through my ritual unimpeded.

To top it off, it would appear that my favorite brand is no longer being produced as a deodorant, but only as an antiperspirant. I don’t want that. I now have to try a new brand. In fact, in the aisle marked deodorant, I would estimate that there was a ratio of about 4:1 for antiperspirant to deodorant. Maybe the sign should be changed?

Yoshi laying in front of my fireplace