Season Dilemma

Back in January I had promised myself that I would go snowboarding at least once this season. Mt Washington was having another stellar year, and I didn’t want to miss out again. I sent some emails out, and only one person got back to me about going. I was a little bummed, but at least I had someone to go with.

Two nights before the day of the trip, the friend had to cancel due to a bum knee. He felt bad, and was a little sorry for himself. I was left with a dilemma. Do I still go? If I do, should I take the Ski Bus, or drive?

I ended up choosing to go alone. I really wanted to get on the slopes, and I couldn’t pass this up. I drove to my Mom’s the night before, then the day of, I headed for the hill. The drive up was very easy, and soon enough I was parked and getting my gear ready. I was pretty pumped to be there. Did I mention that in the previous week the mountain had received crazy amounts of snow? One night they had over 80 cms. It was also a blue sky kind of day.

I rode the singles line all day which meant I got plenty of runs. I hit the major chairs except the boomerang. Also, since I was riding alone I didn’t do many tree runs. I found the snowboard cross coarse next to the terrain park, and had a blast making runs down there. I was surprised there weren’t more people on the hill though. The lines really weren’t that long, especially over on the orange chair where I could almost board straight onto the chair.

At lunch time, there were no lines on any chairs. Very weird for such excellent conditions. I took full advantage. When the crowds returned, then I headed in for some lunch.

I always eat at Fat Teddy’s, the pub like restaurant. Even though it wasn’t slammed when I got there, the service was horrible, and I wasn’t that happy with my burger (mass produced and frozen patty, same for the fries). Full, but $20 poorer I went back out to the slopes.

All too soon they were taking down the barricades. I made a couple more runs then called it a day. Awesome to be sure. Very glad I went, despite how expensive the day turned out. I forgot to mention that my first shock was the price of a lift tickte. $76. The last time I was there it was $58 I think.