Shrunk Color

Sometimes it pays to ask.

Quite a few months ago I bought from Sport Check, a long sleeve shirt made by Columbia. I liked the shirt, it fit well, and was very comfortable. The first time it was washed, it went through in cold water and was hung to dry. I didn’t want it to shrink, yet that is exactly what happened. The sleeves shrunk several inches, and the chest area shrunk too. I could not wear the shirt at all any more.

I thought I might as well contact their warranty department and see if there was anything they could do for me. I was told to send the shirt in with a description of what was wrong. They would take a look at it and make a determination if this was warranty worthy.

I took a chance and sent the shirt in. The shirt had originally cost me $30 and the shipping was an additional $12. I didn’t hear anything from Columbia for a while, and was just about to follow up with them when a package arrived. They sent me a brand new shirt. Sure it was a different color, but it fit well.

I commend Columbia on replacing the shirt, but it would have been great to get a heads up that a new shirt was coming my way. For them to keep me in the dark is a little strange, especially since my communications with them had all been via email.

Hopefully this new $42 shirt will last longer than the first one.