Steroid Cone

poor, poor Yoshi

Poor Yoshi. Poor us. We are looking after Sheba for a couple weeks, and normally this is great fun for Yoshi.

Unfortunately for Yoshi, this past Tuesday night, his nuts looked a little funny. Upon closer inspection he had scabby nuts. We had to take him into the vet on Thursday and they think he has some kind of infection on his scrotum. The treatment is a steroid cream that needs to be applied twice daily, and that Yoshi cannot ingest it. This means he needs a cone, and since he has never worn one, and is always a little neurotic anyway, this next week will be a little tough.

This weekend we are going to Cowichan lake with Sheba, Digger, and Chutney. It should be a fun play weekend, but Yoshi will be wearing a cone. Poor guy.

So far he is taking it well, but he certainly doesn’t seem comfortable.