Strong Points

Tonight’s ulti game was awesome. It was a super windy night, but at least it was sunny. The wind was gusty too which made passing very interesting.

Our team played quite well and we had a lot of fun. There was lots of zoning which we did quite well with. I was proud of the team in how we played.

I was very happy with how I felt the entire game too. I felt strong and fast the entire game and could have played longer. I was playing all sorts of positions too. On defence for some points I was in the cup, some points a mid, some points a long. On offense I was a handler, a mid, and a striker. All around I played every position out there.

On defence I read the disc well, and many times ended up in the right place at the right time to stop the other team from catching it.

On O I threw fairly well despite the wind. I had a couple stupid passes that I regretted instantly. I also caught a couple points. One I called for the team to stack up, then when it was my turn sprinted to the open area, blowing by my check to catch the disc inches from the sideline.

Lots of fun, and we got the win. On the third point we scored an up wind point and the rest of the game we traded points.