Super Break

Tonight’s swim was a bit of a gong show. When I first got in the pool there was only one lane open. There was one other guy in the lane and he was fast. Super fast. I stayed out of his way as much as possible, but then a third person joined our lane. She was slower than I. Now this guy was weaving in between the both of us. Then a fourth person started doing lengths. I hit 600m and gave up at that point. Too much traffic. Too crazy.

The swimming I did do was good though. I swam 200m without stopping, a short break, and then another 200m without stopping. The rest there were a few breaks as I waited for people to be the right distance away.

The hot tub was even a gong show. Some super talkative guy started talking at me after the woman he was talking with left. I immediately saw why she left. He talked and talked and talked about all sorts of random topics without letting me get a word in edge wise. I eventually cut him off saying I had to go then walked away quickly. I just wanted to relax a bit in the warm water. Sheesh.