Tracing Debit

2 nights ago I realized my debit card was missing. Recently I have accidentally put it in the wrong spot in my wallet, but this time was different. It was not in my wallet at all.

I tried tracing back my steps and wanted to check my account online, but without my debit card number I couldn’t get into my account.

I had used my card at the mall, so I checked there. Nope. I may have lost it at Costco or somewhere in between, but I just could not remember the last time I had used it.

With a bit of trepadation I went to the bank expecting a hassle. I was very wrong. No line up. I got to walk right up to the teller. I told the guy that I lost my debit card. He asked for id and asked if I wanted a new card. In a matter of less than 5 minutes he had a new one hooked up to my account.

On my way out of the bank I used their handy dandy pin changer et voila, fresh debit card. I love it when the bank exceeds my expectations for customer service. Seems to rarely happen.