Training Slow

Today was my first training ride for the Tour de Victoria. Sue and I both signed up for the race as a means to encourage ourselves to get fit again. That and the race sounded like a lot of fun.

I rode with a couple buddies today and it definitely pushed me a little bit. If I had been on my own I would have knocked off earlier and it wouldn’t have been as good a workout. I only felt like I held back my friends near the end. It was a slow ride for them (one of them is training for Ironman and the other has done Ironman), which suited me perfectly.

Our route:

View Tour de Vic Training Jan 15, 2011 in a larger map

Some stats:
Total Distance: 45.17 km (28.1 mi)
Total Time: 2:06:56
Moving Time: 2:01:39
Average Speed: 21.35 km/h (13.3 mi/h)
Average Moving Speed: 22.28 km/h (13.8 mi/h)
Max Speed: 45.90 km/h (28.5 mi/h)

I used the My Tracks app to create the map and stats. Pretty neat way to record my progress I think.