Under Fast

Last Monday we had Heart spayed. While she was under, we also had a lump on her eyelid removed, her teeth cleaned, nails trimmed, and a vaccine shot. A lot to get done all at once, but it made the most sense. They gave her a T3 while she was recovering and she had a reaction to that (explosive diarrhea).

Monday night she was not a happy camper, and all throughout the day on Tuesday she groaning and shivering with pain (despite being on pain killers). By Wednesday she was feeling a little better and by Friday she was back to her normal self.

Normal except for having to wear a cone when she is alone. She is a menace with that thing, but at least she is on the mend. Trouble is she is not allowed a lot of exercise right now, and with being 4, she kind of wants to get out and do something. Like run. Really fast.

Starting tomorrow she will start getting regular walks again and by next weekend she can go off leash again. We are looking forward to that. The spaz that greets us by running into our knees with a plastic cone is not enjoyable.