Waffle Shopping

Today is Mothers day and I didn’t really plan much. I did let Sox sleep in though, and when Amy woke up at 6:30 we got up and I made some waffles for breakfast. Elliot got up around 7, ate breakfast then the three of us played for a bit. Sox got up around 8 so I made her waffle and some tea.

The kids gave her their presents they made at daycare, then ate Sox’s chocolates that came with Amy’s gift 🙂

After this we got packed up and headed to Esquimalt Lagoon for some beach time. It is pretty sunny today, but not exactly warm. It was windy down at the beach, but we had fun anyway playing in the sand and eating snack.

On the way back into town we stopped off at a Park and Ride where a regular group has RC car racing in a parking lot. We watched that for a bit then came home. The racing was a lot of fun to watch and I think the kids and I will go see it again.

This afternoon Sox is out doing a bit of plant shopping then when she gets home will spend some time outside gardening. Wonderful day really.