Woods Tent

A couple weekends ago Amy and I went camping. It was supposed to be an overnight trip since I didn’t know how she would fair out in the woods. It ended up being a two night even which was a lot of fun.

We arrived in Goldstream on Friday night (after stopping for a donut treat) and got our site. Through a long convoluted story we ended up in a double site with some people we didn’t know, and were going to have to move to a different site in the morning. Amy helped set up the tent and get the inside all situated. With the beds ready we made some dinner (bunny pasta), and ate at the picnic table.

We also went for a short bike ride through the campground. This was our first bike ride together with Amy not using training wheels. Very fun!

There were some rumblings of thunder, and I kept hoping that the rain would hold off. A movie was playing at the interpretive hut, so we took some snacks, a blanket, and a chair and went to watch the movie. Sure enough 15 minutes into the movie the rain started, but only lightly. The movie equipment was paused and put under cover. A camper brought out a huge umbrella, so after some rigging the movie was able to resume. By this point it was close to 8 and Amy was tired. There was still some thunder, and a little bit of rain now and then, but she wanted to go to bed. I read a book while she slept.

The next morning we made pancakes, took down the tent, stuffed everything into the truck, then checked in to our new site. In the new site we once again set up our tent, sleeping area, and camping area. Throughout the day we went for many bike rides, played some games, had a picnic in our tent, and visited some friends that were also staying at the campground. We also watched as some people in the next campsite used their car to tow each other around the campground on the skateboards.

That night we had hotdogs cooked over a fire. Yum. After dinner we had marshmallows, then Amy got ready for bed. I stayed up by the fire and enjoyed some relaxation time.

The next morning we had to pack up and head home. Amy had lots of fun camping with me, and I enjoyed the quality time with her. Next year I think I will try planning for a three night stay at a different campground a little further from home.

Elliot’s camping trip is going to happen later this summer.