Young Refreshments

Tonight I had donation 46 at Canadian Blood Services. One of the volunteers commented that I must have started donating as a young child. 🙂

Getting to the donation was pretty easy, as was making the donation. Afterwards, the stopping of the bleeding was the hard part. This had never happened to me before, but my arm did not want to stop. They iced me up, bandaged me up, and taped me down. Eventually I had stopped enough to let me head over to the refreshments.

Drink boxes? Really? What about the environment? Please let’s get back to the containers of juice.

If I keep to my schedule, I could hit 50 donations this year. 47 in June, 48 in August, 49 in October, and 50 in December.

When I got home Sprout was asking me questions about my bandages. I took the opportunity to tell him about what I do, and why I do it.