Batteries Squirrely

Last week I needed to buy some batteries for my flash, and for some other things in the house. From years ago I remembered that Radio Shack was the cheapest place. They got renamed a while ago to The Source.

With kids in tow I entered The Source location closest to our house. I found the batteries I needed and waited for my turn to pay. I waited way too long considering there were multiple staffers, multiple tills, and only one person in front of me paying for something.

As the guy was ringing my purchase in, he saw the double packs of 9V batteries I had and mentioned that the single packs were on sale 2 for 1. Would have saved me time if there was a sign saying that.

With the new packs in hand he rang them in then asked for my email address. Uhh, no. I don’t need to be spammed by them. He didn’t even let me know what they would do with it.

Then he asked me who my mobile provider was and what my monthly bill was. WTF? I had 3 packs of batteries to by and you are trying to upsell me to a cellphone? I cut him off and told him just the batteries. If I had been looking at other technology, had a few other items, then maybe I could cut him some slack. Instead I had batteries and two kids who were going a little squirrely in an electronics store. Think for a second next time would you?

Scratch that. There likely won’t be a next time.