I really hate being ignored while shopping and need help. I was at Visions Electronics today looking for a new car stereo and the salespeople would walk right by, avoiding eye contact. They seemed busy, but didn’t even say “Someone will help you shortly” Frustrating experience.

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Although I appreciate the app store telling me that a ‘free’ app has In-App Purchases, I really wish the App Store would display more information on them. This app could be free to download but nothing works until you pay. Or maybe it works just fine for my neads, but the In-App Purchases unlock something I would never use. I don’t know until I try the app, and more often than not, it is a waste of my time.

For December I am going to post a photo a day as a little mini photo challenge. I’ll post them to Instagram using the hashtag #decphotos2019 and have them cross post here. I’ll also not provide any commentary, description, or explanation to the photos.

Grandfathered Plans

Last week I got a call from my cellphone provider that I almost ignored. For an unknown reason I acthually answered and the gentleman calling explained it was a customer courtesy call to take a look at my plan and see if there was a better option for me. In the back of my mind I still suspect they were just trying to get me off the plan I was grandfathered on. In any event he suggested a plan that got me to the same monthly fees, but had a lot more data, and included long distance calling within Canada. I was intrigued, so I got the names of the plans (there were different plans for the two phones on the account) and went online to investigate. A couple days later I switched over the phones to the new options, but with one small change. For Sue’s phone the suggestion included a 10GB plan. Considering that we came from 6GB for both of us and rarely went over, having 5GB on my phone and 10 on hers seemed overkill when I could save a few bucks and put both onto the 5GB plan ( we each get 5GB that we can share). In the end I am saving ~$15/month, have upped our data from 6 to 10GB and I now have Canada wide long distance. That is a huge win in my books.