Wilfully Afford

I really detest YouTube videos that willfully destroy gadgets in the name of views. A recent video shows someone bending and breaking the new iPad Pro. I am appalled and think about the environmental aspect of this. I also think about all the people who could use these devices but can not afford them.

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again: I detest the time changes. I have enough sleep issues without changing clocks. Plus Heart does not know the difference so today she was up at 4am pacing around the house.

Leaks are coming out that apparently indicate new iPads will have USB-C. What if it is actually Thunderbolt 3? That could give Apple more control over what accessories can be connected couldn’t it?

gmail’s spam filtering is getting worse and worse for false positives. More often when I check my spam folder I am finding legit emails there, many from senders I’ve dealt with for years.

I’ve come to the conclusion that an ultra widescreen monitor is essential to software development. Having the IDE/Text editor on the same screen as the app is amazing and reduces the time switching between apps. Even 2 monitors is not enough any more. I may be spoiled.

☕ I made an absolutely amazing cup of coffee this morning. I feel liked I’ve stepped up my coffee game the last couple years so these gems happen more often. It always helps to start with good quality beans.