Grandfathered Plans

Last week I got a call from my cellphone provider that I almost ignored. For an unknown reason I acthually answered and the gentleman calling explained it was a customer courtesy call to take a look at my plan and see if there was a better option for me. In the back of my mind I still suspect they were just trying to get me off the plan I was grandfathered on. In any event he suggested a plan that got me to the same monthly fees, but had a lot more data, and included long distance calling within Canada. I was intrigued, so I got the names of the plans (there were different plans for the two phones on the account) and went online to investigate. A couple days later I switched over the phones to the new options, but with one small change. For Sue’s phone the suggestion included a 10GB plan. Considering that we came from 6GB for both of us and rarely went over, having 5GB on my phone and 10 on hers seemed overkill when I could save a few bucks and put both onto the 5GB plan ( we each get 5GB that we can share). In the end I am saving ~$15/month, have upped our data from 6 to 10GB and I now have Canada wide long distance. That is a huge win in my books.

Saw my physio yesterday. It was a pretty intense and painful session working on my neck. Lots of massage, and lots of IMS needles. It left me feeling drained, but by the end of the day I could see some progress. Today there is a lot less pain, and more range of motion.

A pain in the neck. On Friday I developed this odd pain when I turn my head certain ways, or use certain neck muscles. It is so bad that at times it takes my breath away. I am also not sleeping properly since rolling over causes enough pain to wake me.🤞physio tomorrow can fix me