Forfeited Chemistry

Last night’s ulti game was awesome. We actually forfeited since only myself and two others showed up. We managed to scramble a bit and get a line on the field. The other four players had just played a game so weren’t exactly fresh.

Right off the bat this new line had some chemistry. We flowed the disk up the field making crisp precise passes. I struck for the endzone all alone, and almost got snubbed by the handler. He was looking to throw it elsewhere, and it wasn’t until his girlfriend yelled that he tossed it to me.

The sun was pretty low making vision difficult, but we perservered and the team made some excellent defensive moves. There were several hand blocks by our team throughout the game.

I was amazed at how I felt the entire game. I had wheels. I could break free of anyone last night. As such I was able to cut to the endzone and catch for many points. Also, since I had wheels, we did a semi zone so I was in line to mark one of the handlers. Each time we pulled I had to boot it down the field to try and cut off the throws.

One offensive play that stands out for me was when I was striking for the end zone, and my check had a better position than I to catch a high floater. I knew I was beat so I stayed back a bit. He actually didn’t catch it, but swatted it. The disk didn’t drop as he planned, but instead wobbled and floated a bit. Seeing my chance I raced at it, dove, and got lucky grabbing the disk shortly before it hit the grass. Did I mention we were in the end zone? I dove and made the point. Sweet.

Another stellar play we did was when we had the disk right on the end zone line. Mike called for the moses play with me set to receive the throw. Everyone stacks up in the end zone clogging everything up. When the disk is in play, suddenly everyone peels for a sideline, each person a different direction than the person in front. The last person back then has a clear run at the disk. Just like moses splitting the red sea. It worked for the second time this season.

Anyway, everyone I played with was appreciative of the energy and drive I had. For me it was a perfect night. It wasn’t too hot, it wasn’t windy, I felt like running, and I was having a great game. Can’t wait for the next one.