I really like my Sonos, but really DISLIKE their aggressive update handling. Sometimes I just want to listen to something and not have to manage my device.

Micro Weird

I am having issues with the settings to post to Micro.blog. Everything on this site looks good, and the feed looks good. For some reason though, my micro.blog timeline is only providing a link to my content on my site. Weird.

UPDATE: Thanks to support in Slack, it was pointed out to me that my theme was adding a default title. A quick edit to the theme code (likely not the best solution), and I am back in business.

Currently waiting for the Apple event to start up. I am curious about the iPhone X replacement (Xr and Xs??). I’d like to upgrade my 6s, but I’d also like to upgrade my iPad Air to a Pro. It will all come down to the $$$.

Driving my daughter to school I had someone tailgating me, then as I approached my turn, I signalled and started slowing. Dude must have been in a hurry so he starts honking at me so they can make the light. WTF?

We planned to spend some time at Witty’ Lagoon but the tides didn’t work out. Instead we went to Albert Head Lagoon.