Zoned Sideline

Great Ulti game tonight. It was a little warm out, but there was nooo wind! It was cloudy making it easy to see down the field, but the tradeoff was that it was muggy.

I had a great time at the game. I felt like I was running well, playing well, making good hard cuts. I caught a couple points and threw a couple points.

We were zoned a couple times which was an interesting tactic in calm weather, but we managed to march the disc up the field consistently, then unfortunately it would get thrown away or dropped near the end zone.

We were so close to winning for a while. We were down a few points, then managed to claw back to an 8-7 score.

During one point I was in the stack and one of my teammates made a cut and the throw to her was made. It sailed high and wide. I sprinted off after it, and managed to track it down to prevent the turnover.

Another point we were doing a lot of give and go’s right up the sideline. The score then was 2 points apart. I caught the disc and knew I was close to the line. I looked down and to my dismay my left foot (the one I landed on) was very close to the line and my right was even further out. I did a double take and called myself out. We were close to the end zone too.

Throughout the game we could see lightning in the distance and hear the occasional grumble of thunder. I was kind of hoping it would open up and pour on us, but that didn’t happen. 🙁 The fields are drying out quickly and tonight the ground was pretty hard.

Now I am home, needing a shower, then it will be time to hit the hay. I have to miss next weeks game, so in two weeks I will be out there again.