Guilty Bread

By now we all know Heart is a garbage hound. She is normally pretty loud when walking around in the house, unless we are upstairs and she has access to the kitchen. In this case she can be super stealthy and not make a sound.

A few days ago she came upstairs and was skulking around. She had a guilty look on her face and she was acting very submissive (tail tucked, bum close to the ground, ears down).

He mouth had that “I’m hiding something” shape to it too, and when I took a closer look I found the heel of a loaf of bread. Darn dog.

Of course I took a picture before I forced her to drop it (which is a pretty difficult task). I just don’t get her sometimes. She knows it is wrong to go in the garbage, she does it anyway, and then the slinks around the house bringing attention to herself and showing us what she has done.

I’m thinking I might submit this picture to Dog Shaming, one of my favorite websites these days.