Ocean Spinning

I got out for a nice little 2.5 hour jaunt on the road bike yesterday. It still amazes me how far you can go on a bike in a short amount of time.

I took the Goose out to Colwood, then went past Fort Rodd Hill, up Ocean Boulevard, the out to Metchosin. Form there I took Happy Valley Rd back into town. I made a small detour near the hospital to add a bit of time, then got back on the Goose for the return leg home.

My knee felt pretty good the entire ride, and climbing Ocean Blvd showed that I need to work on hills a lot. I did find that I need to watch my effort level though. More than a few times I realized that I was slowing spinning along, not putting in much effort. That’s not going to get me in shape! Having a riding partner definitely gives me more motivation.

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