Innovative Expansion

I have been thinking about a new PDA recently. There are lots of new and innovative designs being released all the time. I know I want to stick with Palm OS, but what features do I want? I love the idea of Bluetooth. WiFi sounds pretty cool, but would I really use it? I know of only one person with a WiFi network (there isn’t a WIFi network at work either). Now GPS would be cool, but do I really need that?

Features I definitely want:

  • Palm OS5 or greater
  • adequate memory
  • expansion capabilities
  • wireless something

Here is a small list of the handhelds that have made the short list:

  1. Palm’s Tungsten C (incidentally, here is the best review I have read on the TC)
  2. Sony CLIE PEGTG50 – I love their Jog Dial, but I am not sure if I am sold on the tumbboard. It does have soft grafitti though. Not sold on the memory stick.
  3. Garmin iQue 3600 – GPS is way cool, but I am not convinced I would use it as much I would use Bluetooth or WiFi

Not sure what to do here. I am not looking to make any decisions any time soon though. It is just a dream for now. There are more important things to spend money on. My Prism still works, it is just feeling a little dated.