Matrix Belief

the web of the story was revealed

Friday afternoon I saw the Matrix Revolutions. I was really hoping it was better than the second one.

First a quick recap before a more in depth review. I enjoyed Revolutions much more than Reloaded. Still, it wasn’t as good s the first. Revolutions wasn’t as over the top, yet it attempted to solve the story for you. Some of my aggravations of the second were still in Revolutions. The talking in riddles really confused me in Reloaded. There was less in this one, but I still was sufficiently confused that I wanted to watch it a second time, only to figure out what the hell they were talking about.

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OK, spoiler alert !!!

As others have said, the second and third stories did a lot to explain why things were in the first movie. The Matrix was such a mind blowing movie, but I found the second anf third mind numbing. They attempted to explain everything in the context of the movie. This didn’t help me at all.

I really did not enjoy Reloaded. The effects were too over the top. The CGI not good enough. If I can look at a scene and see the CGI in an obvious manner, I usually don’t like it. Some of the fight scenes between Neo and Agent Smith were just ludicrous. The chase scenes, although spectacular, were completely unbelievalbe. The introduction/explanation for phenomena such as vampires, ghosts, etc. was just unneeded, except that it allowed the Wachowski brothers to play with some cool effects. They did not add anything to the story in my opinion.

Revolutions had less of the things I disliked about Reloaded. The stunts were less over the top, and generally more believable. There was some predictability (Neo’s follower saving the day), but it wasn’t too bad.

One thing I got though was something that other reviews I have read touched on, but never really talked about. When Neo was blinded, he started “seeing” things. He could see the guy who was trying to kill him, and he could see the machines. It was a new kind of code similar to the matrix code, but all fiery looking.

It is my belief that the “machine world” as told by the movie was in fact another level of the matrix. What better way to keep the humans subservient than to allow them to think they can escape “the Matrix”. Their struggle to save Zion was created for them to allow their minds to believe they can save themselves. Belief is a very powerful force. When Neo’s eyes got fried, somehow he learned to see the new code. I am not sure if he realized that the meachines were part of the Matrix or not. To support this, remember back to the end of Reloaded? Neo stopped the machines while he was in the machine world? Maybe he learned that he could control the machine matrix like he could control the matrix he was from? That also lends credence as to how agent smith took over the human. He didn’t take over the human insomuch as he took over the machine world matric version of the human.

Maybe the 4th movie will get into this topic (if they create one).